Management software

* Ergonomic management software online used by a security protocol

* White and black lists and individual quarantine manage

* Follow all messages of the compagny with the possibility to send back it during 30 days

* Mensual activity report generate automatically


* 2 data centers in France

* Redundant infrastructure

* Twenty-four hours and 7 days a week surveillance

* Device can withstand large flows


* Lower costs for data storage and internet speed up

* The Morgan Stanley study shows a growth rate of 23%

* The (antispam, antivirus, filter, support, infrastructure, ...) costs are shared among all users

* The engineer team allows a quality SLA

cost savings

* Mailbox congestion

* Time spent to put away the mail inbox

* Messaging system's manager

* Buy and buy back the antispam and antivirus softwares